Call the Pros to Replace Your Commercial Roof

Call the Pros to Replace Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roofing providers do not just fix water leaks on your roof; they will additionally save you, the property owner some money on your income tax. Upgrading your outdated leaky roof with a modern day green space and environmentally friendly materials can additionally save money on energy expenditures. There are tax credits that are available from the government to assist you with replacement costs.

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofing materials have come a long way, they’re now much better for the environment and money saving. You could make use of what was generally wasted space using a rooftop garden or some other type of green space. You can soak up the sunny weather, pick up a tax break and raise the value of your building.

Green Spaces

Architects and commercial roofing companies work together to develop some remarkable green spaces on top of commercial properties. Traditional roofs absorb heat from the sun and drive up the cost of power and water. With green spaces some property owners have leased them to nurseries to boost their rental earnings.

Tax Credits

There’s been a number of pieces of legislation which the Federal Government has enacted that let commercial property owners receive tax credits for retrofitting their buildings with new, green material. Structural integrity must be looked at before you begin any project so contact a roofer first. There is a whole new range of choices in what was once empty space.

A roofing company will not likely have the means to give you a precise amount for your tax credit, this is the work of an accountant. They are an expert about which materials to work with on your roof that meet the requirements. You can also determine from your roofer what it cost to convert the roof to a green roof. Consult with an accountant or tax specialist for advice on what you may need to be eligible, certification prerequisites need to be met and that must come from a tax specialist.

In order to learn how to start greening your roof, first of all you have to check with an accountant concerning what is needed to meet the requirements.
Changing to a green space is a fantastic way to make use of dead space.  There are plenty of roofers now with the know-how to get you started on upgrading to a more environmentally friendly space. Get in touch with them now to get started.