Best Practice

Meg Saligman is known for innovative technology in the creation of her work and Fertile Ground is no exception. Rescue Public Murals, part of Heritage Preservation in Washington D.C., selected Fertile Ground as an example of best practices in mural creation and preservation. The project is being tracked as a case study that will influence how we think about murals, mural technology, and preservation.

Challenges presented by the Nebraska climate as well as Saligman’s decision to use Sherwin Williams Sher-cryl marine grade paint are of particular interest for the study. Shortly after September 11, 2001 Saligman was commissioned to paint an American flag using Sher-cryl paint on the south facing façade of a building at Delaware Ave. and Spring Garden St in Philadelphia. Eight years later, the mural shows minimal signs of fading. The Ford Conservation Center, along with the Winterthur/University of Delaware Art Conservation Program, will continue to monitor the life of Fertile Ground and climatic effects on the materials used to establish best practices for muralists around the world.

Visit Rescue Public Murals’ best practices page for more information on best practice efforts in preservation and the Fertile Ground case study.